My printer isn’t printing

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I tried to print document but my printer isn’t printing

My printer isn’t printing, this way you can identify and take corrective action:

Problem: Nothing’s Happening

Most of the times we face issue printer doesn’t print. Before raising this kind of issue printer working well and print the document without any issues.

First: using an old or outdated printer. After some windows update system is updated its library. Which over right the list, and unfortunate remove system communication with printer stop. In that case, some time printer communication stops permanently. Because system did not support the old library communication and it’s library now turn into a junk. Printer lost communication with the system as result.

Second: Windows upgrade is also creating this issue. same as first case printer’s system library lost communication with the system, and system not able to operate the printer’s functions.

Third: People face issue my printer isn’t printing after windows restore. same with this issue printer lost connection with its library and printer stop printing due to not getting command for printing. In this case, make its library corrupted sometimes. When we give a command for printing, but due to corrupted library command not reach to printer and printer not read anything from the system.

Fourth: One printer connected with many systems and people give the command for printing with their system. But, the printer has a low memory or full memory and people non-stop give the command. due to over a load of command printer not access their documents and printer stop working or stop printing and crash.

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For more details contacting us send the details. Printer provider name, model no of your printer, the issue you are facing, which Operating System are you using (like Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 etc). It might help you and your printer running like before.

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Note: Printer is a peripheral device (external device) when printer stop printing system also hangs or crash sometimes. Because of the system trying to find the library communicate with the printer but due to not found or corrupt file, the system not able get control on printer system start hang or crash.